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E3 Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help children. Bullied but Not Broken is an element of E3SF dedicated to helping children who struggle with bullying, thoughts of suicide, or need financial assistance to pursue an activity to help build confidence.

This is a story about Claire. Claire is a 14-year-old child with special needs who was bullied to the point of despair. She no longer wanted to go to school or even get out of bed. Claire wanted to die. Fortunately, Claire found an outlet and it saved her life. Claire found that involvement in an activity she loves and excels at builds her self-esteem and confidence so much that the bullies can no longer damage her. She can now face the bullies. Self-confidence is like kryptonite to bullies.

E3 Scholarship Fund’s Bullied But Not Broken is Claire’s vision come to life. She saw kids coming to the gym and never saw them again. Claire wanted to know why they weren’t coming back. When she found out they couldn’t afford a membership, Claire instantly wanted to help. Claire wants to share her story of hope with others and help kids get past bullying. She knows the pain and torment of being bullied on a daily basis, trusting the school to help, and finding out that she was on her own.


Extracurricular activities assist children’s physical and social development. They learn to work as part of a team, improve physical endurance, hone artistic skills, and gain confidence. In addition, they can develop a lifelong love of sports or the arts, which benefits them throughout their lives. Involvement in these activities may also lead to potential college scholarship opportunities.

E3 Scholarship Fund’s Bullied but Not Broken is committed to matching bullied children with an activity that they enjoy. We vet each and every applicant to help them define what it is they truly love. If they’re not sure, we will let them try different activities until they find the one where they are inspired. In addition, we communicate with the professionals who run the activity, letting them know the background of the child so they can further support and encourage the child. Building self-confidence in kids is what we are all about.

E3SF brought Image & Wellness Consultant Quali Johnson on board to help kids with their image to boost self-esteem. Quali likes to help girls with how they perceive and present themselves, allowing them to feel happy in their own skin.

Bullied But Not Broken will be teaming up with a world-class nutritional coach in the near future. Many children are bullied because of their weight. We hope to make healthy nutritional choices fun and easy for children.


E3 Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to help children who struggle at school because their learning styles and needs are not being correctly identified and addressed. Claire also struggled with school  to the point of walking out. Claire couldn’t understand why she tried so hard but was consistently frustrated in the classroom, with teachers, and staff at school. Her grades reflected her frustration and further compounded her feeling of failure and desire to give up.

The school wanted to help. Many hours and meetings were spent with teachers and administrators. Lots of great advice and learning tools and tricks were applied but the result was the same. Claire continued to under perform, be frustrated and depressed. Claire was ready to walk out and never return.

Claire’s father, E3 Scholarship Fund founder and chairman Charles Tietgen, contacted his life coach, Dr. Ramon Corrales who suggested the Kolbe Y Assessment as a tool to help. Claire completed the Kolbe Y. Dr. Corrales shared her results with her teachers and staff who put his recommendations into practice and Claire’s grades and outlook immediately improved.

E3 Scholarship Fund wants to bring the Kolbe Y Assessment into as many public and private schools in the U.S. To learn more about E3 Scholarship Fund and the Kolbe assessments, please visit us at e3sf.org/home.

We hope you find something here that inspires you.

Our Mission

EMBRACE children who struggle at school.

EMPOWER teachers, administrators, staff and students by identifying their striving instincts.

ENCOURAGE children by celebrating children’s natural abilities and validating their instinctive strengths.

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