Haylie Pomroy | Celebrity Nutritionist – Bestselling Author

Haylie Pomroy is a #1 New York Times bestselling author of health and wellness books. Haylie has been featured on Dr. Oz Read more

Invicta FC | Serena DeJesus

Claire traveled to Las Vegas for Invicta 16 where she interviewed many amazing MMA fighters. Serena DeJesus shared her amazing bully story. Claire also met and spoke with  Read more

Ariel Helwani | MMA Journalist


Ariel Helwani is the reigning five-time World MMA Award Journalist of the Year winner who has been covering mixed martial arts professionally since 2006. Helwani talks with Claire about his bully story, how to handle bullies as a parent, being cyber bullied by fans. being bullied by the UFC and losing his press pass, craziest moment on MMA Hour, and what his walk out music would be if he was a fighter.

Frankie “The Answer” Edgar – UFC Fighter


Frankie “The Answer” Edgar was a college wrestler who wanted to continue to train. He started training MMA and won the belt as UFC Lightweight Champion. Frankie gives great advice to those who struggle with bullies.

Dr. AnnMaria De Mars – President | Founder

Dr. AnnMaria De Mars is the first American to win the World Judo Championship. She is also the CEO and founder of 7 Generation Games. AnnMaria has more than 30 years experience in education, from eighth-grade math teacher to doctorate-level statistics professor and every level in between. In this episode, Claire catches up with Dr. AnnMaria after a judo seminar at The Welcome Mat Training Center in Claire’s hometown. Dr. AnnMaria talks about her past with bullies, how parents and kids can fight through it, being the mother of four, including former UFC champion Ronda Rousey, and her passion for Judo.



Keta Rush | Pro Wrestler – Actress

keta-proudketa meggett

Keta Meggett aka Keta Rush is a WOW Superhero. She is uniquely qualified to talk about bullying in schools, having survived a brutal gang attack from girls who bullied her daily. Keta started a non-profit: Team Bully Buster, to help instill confidence in girls, teach them about bullying, and empower them to defend themselves if needed.

Keta sat down for a skype interview with Claire’s sister Abby Tietgen. They discussed Keta’s career, her bully story, tips for dealing with bullying and much more.

James Krause – UFC Fighter

Claire’s Interview with James Krause

Claire Tietgen talks with current UFC fighter and gym owner James Krause (@thejameskrause).  Read more

Mauricio Sulaiman – WBC President

Claire Tietgen talks to the president of the World Boxing Council Mauricio Sulaiman (@wbcmoro). He talks about his past with bullies, being bullied by the media, and gives some excellent advice on how to combat bullying. He also talks passionately about his father Jose Sulaiman, growing up with famous boxers, WBC Cares, and why he decided to get into the boxing business.

Invicta 14 Experience – MMA Fight

Claire Tietgen experiences red carpet treatment as a special guest at Invicta 14 and spreads her anti-bullying message! Many thanks to President Shannon Knapp, UFC fighter Miesha Tate, and the awesome Invicta fighters who made Claire feel so welcome.

George Dalton – Actor | Singer

Claire Tietgen talks with 10-year-old actor, director, singer, writer, and star of Wet Hot American Summer First – Day Of Camp – George Dalton. George talks to Claire about his issues with cyber bullies after his successful internet music video Trap Queen, his message to those bullies, how he got started with acting, school life, and what’s next for him.