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Becoming An E3 Provider

Thank you for your interest in becoming an E3 Scholarship Fund provider. These kind and generous people have joined us in our efforts to transform children into winners.

E3SF providers are businesses who have agreed to welcome a child who has been awarded an E3 Scholarship. E3SF pays for the costs of monthly lessons and related equipment. Children who qualify for an E3 Scholarship can access our interactive map to find local providers (or suggest their own provider) who offer the activity that interests them. We are trying to populate our provider map with friendly local businesses who understand our mission.


Help out by agreeing to sponsor a child for a short period and E3SF will take over the membership expenses at the end of the term. You only need to support one child, we’ll support any additional kids who come to your facility who qualified for an E3 Scholarship. We will feature your business with your own custom business page within our website (that WE create and maintain at no cost to you). Click here to see example.

Children who never had a chance to participate in activities will benefit from the experience and have something to look forward to each week.

Your Benefits

Choose Level of Your Support

Provider Policies: How it works...

Providers Policies

To become an official E3 Provider you must be willing to support at least one child for a period of time. The moment you become an E3 Provider, E3SF will start covering additional scholarships. We are encourage you to start recommending other children to apply for additional E3 scholarships. E3SF will also recommend your services to local applicants in your area. Once a child has received their E3 scholarship, we will connect them with your facility. The exciting process of providing an activity, mentor and a safe environment for that child begins.

First Child Commitment

When your commitment to provide support for your first child comes to an end, E3SF will continue paying for their membership/equipment up to 12 month (after 12 months a child must renew their scholarship). You may invite additional children to apply for E3 Scholarship along with our efforts to place children in your facility.


All equipment must be pre-approved with E3SF prior to purchase.


To be paid you must fill out our monthly invoice for the services provided along with child’s name etc. The payment will be mailed directly to you.

Terms & Conditions for Providers

  • We assume no liability from any participation with providers.
  • We do not guarantee results.
  • All equipment must be pre-approved with E3SF prior to purchase.

To start please fill out our provider application, select your level of support and we will contact you to confirm.

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Our Mission

EMBRACE children who are victims of bullying, suicidal thoughts, and low self-esteem.

EMPOWER children by providing activity scholarships to build confidence.

ENCOURAGE children to stand up and take control of their situation.

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