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Educational Assessment That Works

Claire Tietgen has fetal alcohol syndrome. As such, she does not fit within the traditional framework at public schools like most children. There are special education programs in place, however there is still a missing component.

Our hope is that schools would evaluate each child on their natural strengths in order to be more effective, allow the student to learn better, and reduce stress. Student assessments that are based on INSTINCT, rather than knowledge or motivation, will provide tools for educators to determine how each child learns best, according to his/her natural talents. Kolbe Corp. has created the Kolbe Y, a quick and easy assessment that allows “young people (to) become aware of the talents that drive them to do things in their own unique way, gain power to create their own solutions to the challenges they meet at home, at school, and in life.”

For years, teachers have assumed that behavior is a result of thought and feeling. This model has left out one of the forgotten aspects of the mind: the WILL. An assessment of Claire has determined that her natural instinctive way to operate is IMPLEMENTOR. Claire is task-completion oriented. That translates in the classroom as allowing Claire to work on a project without interruption. Claire was constantly provided help when she was working on something. Teachers would stop her and try to re-direct Claire but it left her frustrated and upset. A change in the classroom allowing her to complete problems and assignments allows Claire to follow her natural way of operating without feeling like giving up. This one small change to her IEP has made a world of difference to Claire’s school experience as well as help the teachers know how to more effectively work with her. A big source of frustration has been eliminated just by knowing this one simple fact.

Claire’s Unique Strengths – Who You Are Is Perfect For You

There are tricks designed for each “strength”. Efforts putting natural talents to use make the school day much more manageable for everyone. Using Claire’s results as an IMPLEMENTOR, the natural talent associated with her modus operandi or MO is “imagining”. It is how she best prevents problems and it helps her solve problems. Claire was delighted to learn that it’s a great talent to be able to picture a solution in her head. Tricks for that strength? Learn by watching. We always knew Claire was a great observer. She would watch over and over before trying something new. Another trick is to coach Claire to describe or draw things rather than making them. And if she practices things by seeing them in her imagination first, her success rates are much better.1

Anti-Bully Assemblies

Schools are the guardians of our children’s health and welfare while they are in their care. We are hoping that schools would teach and reinforce social skills: like dealing with social awkwardness, rewarding kindness, and looking out for the less fortunate to name a few. Children also need the skills to cope when things go wrong: bullying, alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, etc. E3SF is partnering with sponsors to bring dynamic, anti-bullying assemblies to schools.

We are passionate about advocating for special needs children and all children who have been victimized by bullies or other unfortunate circumstances in life.

Fashion Mentor

E3SF just brought a mentor/style coach on board to help kids with their self-image to boost self-esteem. Quali likes to help girls with how they perceive and present themselves, allowing them to feel happy in their own skin.


E3 Scholarship Fund will be teaming up with a world-class nutritional coach in the near future. Many children are bullied because of their weight. We hope to make healthy nutritional choices fun and easy for children.

1Summarized from Kolbe Corp.

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