Bullied But Not Broken

Keta Rush | Pro Wrestler – Actress

keta-proudketa meggett

Keta Meggett aka Keta Rush is a WOW Superhero. She is uniquely qualified to talk about bullying in schools, having survived a brutal gang attack from girls who bullied her daily. Keta started a non-profit: Team Bully Buster, to help instill confidence in girls, teach them about bullying, and empower them to defend themselves if needed.

Keta sat down for a skype interview with Claire’s sister Abby Tietgen. They discussed Keta’s career, her bully story, tips for dealing with bullying and much more.

Dany Garcia – BodyBuilder | Producer

Claire Tietgen talks to bodybuilder/IFBB Pro, co-founder of Seven Bucks Productions and talent manager of names like The Rock & WWE’S Eva Marie, Dany Garcia (@DanyGarciaCo).

Dany talks to Claire about her past with bullies, what to do to overcome them, her bodybuilding passion and eating habits, San Andreas, and what’s next for her and Seven Bucks Productions.

Mike Senica – NASCAR

NASCAR! In this segment of 13-year-old anti-bullying advocate Claire Tietgen’s anti-bullying talkshow – Bullied But Not Broken, Claire sits down with Nascar driver and former Pro Wrestler Mike Senica about his bully experience, tips for children being bullied, how he got his wrestling name from The Rock, and how it feels to go fast in Nascar.